Judge the Poet


For more than two decades JUDGE THE POET has created amazing memories for audiences right across the globe, from Buckingham Palace to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and all points in between. His unique talents have been sought and enjoyed by Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and countless celebrities.
JUDGE has performed shows and residencies throughout the UK, USA, Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. He has been featured on national TV and radio in numerous countries, from BBC1 TV’s “The One Show” and BBC Radio 5live in the UK to Bali FM in Indonesia!
JUDGE THE POET is creativity and spontaneity personified. In his performances, he takes audience suggestions – any words or ideas they may wish – and IMMEDIATELY recites for them a rhyming, enjoyable poem that links everything they have just said. In his workshops, he teaches everyone else to do pretty much the same thing! He must be seen to be believed.
Witty and approachable, JUDGE can reveal to you how to be spontaneous, creative, to think “outside the box”, to present ideas in new and interesting ways and, perhaps best of all, to discover and explore talents you didn’t believe you had.