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When mavericks, misfits and outsiders achieve success they reveal important things to us about the world we live in; how it works and how we work within it. Unconventional Speakers is a unique speaker bureau. We don’t represent run of the mill business speakers, we represent those who see the world through a different lens; those who reveal the hidden truths and above all; those who entertain. Our speakers all excel in their chosen fields – it’s simply that their chosen fields, their routes to success and the insights they bring are the very opposite of conventional. The reactions they create in audiences are profound and dramatic.

Make sure your event attendees are inspired, entertained and informed.

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What can you learn about over coming fear from a sword swallower? Can a world renowned mind reader show you how to predict the future? Our unique group of mavericks and misfits can help you see the world differently as they share their expertise in a way that is as entertaining as it is informative.

Unconventional speakers tell better stories.

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